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About My Favourite Apron Co.

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Kendall Fayle

I'm an adult speech pathologist by profession but I LOVE making fully adjustable aprons for you and your whole family as well as tea towels, oven mitts and pot holders.

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Aprons, aprons, aprons .... I love to design them, sew them and sell them to you!

Hello! Welcome to My Favourite Apron Co.

When you have a dream about a huge career change you listen to it! Travelling in Tibet in 2014, I had a dream (yes, a dream) I was being interviewed by Australian House & Gardens magazine. The reporter asked me “How did My Favourite Apron Co. become so successful?” I replied by saying that it was because each apron was handmade and fully adjustable so it can fit EVERY BODY.

When I awoke, I wrote down this dream and from there the die was cast. I don’t know why I had this dream - whether it was because of the high-altitude in Lhasa or if I was inspired by the local Tibetans who each wear functional yet beautiful aprons to protect their clothing, I guess I’ll never know.

After four months of travelling in the region I returned to Sydney and bought a new sewing machine, an apron pattern, meters of gorgeous cotton fabric, loads of buttons and My Favourite Apron Co. was born! With a professional background as an adult speech pathologist it was a HUGE career change but it was the best thing that has happened to me. I adore sewing aprons, tea towels, pot holders and oven mitts for people to wear while cooking, baking, barbequing, gardening, crafting, anything-ing. Each is made from medium-weight, 100% cotton drill or duck to withstand years of mess, stains as well as regular machine washing and ironing.

An apron should be gorgeous and adjustable all the while being durable and functional. It needs to cover your body in a way you feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge it will stop food spatter, gardening mess or glue mishaps so your clothes don’t need to be thrown into landfill because of a simple stain. My Favourite Apron Co. aprons fit the bill so your clothes and the environment will LOVE YOU.

Each apron is made from durable, hard wearing, machine washable, 100% cotton so you can wear them for many years to come.


Made from durable, hard wearing, machine washable, 100% cotton


Every apron, oven mitt and pot holder is handmade by Kendall


Generously sized, fully adjustable and meant for EVERY BODY